Architectural Design is an exciting and emotional experience as it deals with your personal tastes and desires. It is the blending of ideas, thoughts and senses into concrete, wood and steel to incorporate all of the client’s passions into a coherent design.

One of the major contributing factors to a good design is listening to the client. At PDRdesigns, we listen to our clients and ask questions about how they intend to use the spaces and why, in order to ascertain how we should put together the design package. Each design is tailored to the client’s wants, needs and budget. Many times we have heard our clients say, "I never thought about doing it that way!" Our job is to think of all the possibilities and look at a problem from a different angle or perspective. In essence, We Solve Problems!

Residential Design:

We provide Architectural Design for New Homes and Additions. Residential design is about the owners experience and how they will use a space. A home is a personal space with lots of emotion attached to it. Working with a firm that you trust is essential. We establish trust with clients and continue to build on that trust throughout the entire process.

Commercial Design:

Commercial design is more about the end users experience and spatial requirements. The goal here is to create a project that is either rentable or sellable. Time and budget are crucial for the design and construction phases.

3-D Renderings:

Clients often want to see their dream homes in 3-D Renderings to better visualize the design. This allows a full 360 degree view of the home which brings our creation to life!

Construction Administration:

This service is provided for the clients that want us to stay involved throughout the construction process. After the Construction Documents are completed we will be available as needed to review progress, schedules, material selections, and answer any other questions you may have. Our years of construction experience create a bridge from the Architectural Design to the Construction Phase and allow us to communicate effectively with the owners and contractors for a smooth project delivery.